2024 Baldur's Gate 3 July Modathon Month! Building Community through Creativity (2024)

Baldur's Gate 3 Modathon

2024 Baldur's Gate 3 July Modathon Month! Building Community through Creativity (1)

July 1st-31st

Use theModathon Logo in your mod description, and apply the July 2024 Modathon tag if you'd like to participate!

Questions? Suggestions? Check out the BG3 Modding Community Discord!

Just under 4 years ago, Baldur's Gate 3's early access period was unleashed to the masses, and captured the minds of many a CRPG gamer. Last August, the game had its full release, and quickly broke records for concurrent players, becoming 2023's Game of the Year. But it didn't just entice players - Game Modders came out of the woodwork from day 1, and even beforehand, to leave their mark on one of the greatest modern RPGs released. As of today, it's the 9th most-modded game on Nexus Mods, and new mods and tools are releasing every day.

With the announcement of official Mod Tools on the horizon, it's clear that BG3's modding scene still has much to explore. To celebrate, the Baldur's Gate 3 Modding Community is hosting a July Modathon Month! If you've been involved in the Morrowind Modding Community, you might know what to expect, as we're taking cues from their yearly Modathon, with weekly themes and month-long rewards.

Throughout the entire month of July, any modders participating on Nexus Mods who submit Baldur's Gate 3 mods could get a chance to win steam game keys each week. Participating mods will also earn achievements, badges you can unlock and add to your mod descriptions!

In the future, we'd love to adapt more aspects of the Morrowind Modathon approach - such as holding a Modathon-specific Mod of the Month prize, as well as mod trailers and showcases.

We'd like to note, this event is fan-driven, and organized by the modding community - Larian likely won't be able to answer questions about it.

Achievements are badges you can add to your mod pages. This event will have 115 total Achievements. Release a customer race or class? Get over 100 downloads? Team up with other mod authors to create a new mod? All achievement-worthy! Below is a full list of achievements. Some of these are easy to get, some will prove a challenge, and some yet will be entirely exclusive. Try to collect as many as you can!

Shortly before the event, I'll be editing this page with descriptions for each achievement.

Achievements are separated out into categories:

These are Achievements that only one person can get each Modathon, and will be Determined at the end of the Event.

  • Most Approved
  • Most Downloaded
  • MOTM
  • 2nd Place
  • 3rd Place
  • Best of: Audio
  • Best of: Characters
  • Best of: Classes
  • Best of: Dice
  • Best of: Gameplay
  • Best of: Miscellaneous
  • Best of: Races
  • Best of: Spells
  • Best of: UI
  • Best of: Utilities
  • Best of: Visuals
  • Best of: Weapons and Armor

Achievements relating to the Challenges (Which we'll detail below)

  • Mystery or Magic
  • Myths or The Underdark
  • Astral or Honor
  • Friendship or Loss
  • Mystery & Magic
  • Myths & The Underdark
  • Astral & Honor
  • Friendship & Loss
  • Up For the Challenge
  • Put Our Worms Together
  • Timing is Everything
  • Above and Beyond
  • Achievement Extender
  • Challenge Accepted

Meta-achievements. Achievements for working as a team, for getting certain achievements in specific ways, for releasing a certain amount, and for Nexus stats.

  • Helping Hand
  • Talented Trio
  • Professional Party
  • Encore
  • Third Time's the Charm
  • Prolific
  • Ubiquitous
  • Round of Applause
  • 25 is the New 25
  • Making Your Mark
  • Celebrated Author
  • Hidden Gem
  • Well-Travelled
  • Must-Have
  • Staple Author
  • Overachiever
  • Picture Perfect
  • Multi-Talented
  • Reading Time
  • Studious
  • Librarian
  • Arcane Apprentice
  • Evocation Expert
  • Mystical Menace
  • No One's Stopped Me Yet
  • Let's See what this Does
  • Checked Out
  • Feeling Inspired
  • You're It!
  • Maybe I Need More Pockets
  • So Many Options!
  • Rest in Peace
  • Pretty Colors
  • On the Shoulder's of Giants
  • Ignorance is alive and well it seems!
  • Never Turn Down a Free Meal
  • Throat-Singing
  • Being Green
  • Diggy Hole

These are the most common sets of achievements people will get.

  • Homebrew Heroes
  • Wither's Wardrobe
  • Boots Made for Walking
  • So Much for Peace
  • Cursed to Put My Hands on Everything
  • Just a Flick of the Wrist
  • Sounds Good to Me
  • Here to Help
  • Developer
  • Starting Off Strong
  • Mending

The names of these achievements will be made public, but the criteria only revealed once someone has unlocked it. These can range from incredibly specific to surprisingly simple.

  • Lucky
  • Lucky 7s
  • Save the Date
  • Last Minute
  • First Time?
  • M.E.M.E
  • De'buff
  • A Soul in Good Hands
  • A Nice Chat
  • I'm Not Reading That
  • A Flagon of Something Liquid
  • A Beautiful Webbing
  • Faerie Circle
  • Fan Thayvorite
  • No, it's a Hamster
  • The Mark is Her Measure
  • Powers Born of a Vile Source
  • Better Not be Cursed
  • Arachnaphobia
  • Best Boy
  • Food! Eat! More!
  • Ally, Enemy, or Savior?
  • Nicked them off the Dead
  • Volo's Guide to Modding
  • Castle of Bones
  • Authority
  • Under the City
  • Lick the Damn Thing
  • I Like Ducks
  • Friend or Food
  • Doug Dimmadome
  • Concentrated Power of the Sun
  • Istik

Weekly Themes

2024 Baldur's Gate 3 July Modathon Month! Building Community through Creativity (2)

There will be optional Weekly Theme challenges that you can focus on for special achievements. Mods can cover one or both of the two words in the week's theme, but must be released during said week to be eligible for the Challenge achievement. The themes will be as follows:

These are intended to be open to interpretation, in an attempt to bolster creativity. Go wild, but also don't feel beholden to these if none of them suit your fancy.

How to Participate
Any mods released in the month of July is eligible for the competition! Leave a short note in your mod description on Nexus, including "Part of the July Modathon" somewhere near the top of your description, add the Modathon 2024 logo/challenge header image, and/or use the Modathon 2024 Tag (preferred).

Every week, 2-3 mod authors will be selected at random to win a Steam Key. We'll do this by compiling a list of all participating Mod Authors who have released a mod that week, then use a random number generator to determine who to grant a prize to.

If you win in one of these weekly drawings, I'll send you a message via Nexus notifying you of your win, and providing a list of games you can choose from as your prize. You will only be eligible for this prize once during the Modathon, to help ensure rewards are spread evenly.

There aren't many hard and fast rules for this competition - nearly any kind of mod is acceptable, with the sole exception of cheat mods (i.e. Placing overpowered items directly into the player's inventory or tutorial chest, permanently buffing stats to their max, etc).

We accept mods made with Script Extender and/or Native Mod Loader in mind, in addition to mods that limit themselves to vanilla.

All submitted mods must be, at least for the most part, safe for work. Questionable content is acceptable as long as it isn't the entire mod. BG3 is an incredibly horny game, but if we in the future begin making showcase videos, it'll be tough to show off NSFW mods.

For larger mod projects, submitting a demo or playable beta of your mod as part of the competition is perfectly fine - but it should be playable.

This competition is only applicable for mods releasing in July - no retroactively adding your mod to the competition. Mods that have begun progress prior to this announcement are eligible for the Modathon, as long as they're released during the event.

Finally, it should go without saying, but if you're using assets from another Author, you *must* have permission to use those assets. The use of Generative AI in modding is allowed, as long as you have consent of those whose work it's trained on - AI'ing your own voice is absolutely fine. If you're generating assets using an AI trained other artist's art, you'll need permission from every artist whose art it was trained on.

Don't know how to mod? The BG3 Modding Community Wikiis full of information that can help you on your modding journey!

2024 Baldur's Gate 3 July Modathon Month! Building Community through Creativity (2024)
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