Pet insurance in the Netherlands (2024)

Roughly half of the population of the Netherlands owns at least onepet, and many people see their four-legged friend as a part of thefamily. Unfortunately, owning a pet can come with a number of unexpected expenses, especially should your animal become ill, have an accident, or develop a chronic condition. Many people therefore take out pet insurance to protect themselves from these costs.

What is pet insurance (huisdierenverzekering)?

Insurance comes in many forms. Pet insurance is a type of non-mandatory health insurance that pays (partly or in full) for your pet's vet treatments. You pay a monthly premium to an insurance company of your choice, and in turn, your vet costs will be (partly) covered. The cost of this monthly premium generally depends on the type of pet you have, its age and the level of coverage you prefer.

Pet insurance plans

Various insurance companies offer pet insurance, including:

What does pet health insurance cover?

A basic pet insurance package in the Netherlands usually covers:

  • Vaccinations
  • Flea treatments and deworming
  • Vet consultations
  • Medications
  • Operations

Always make sure to read your policy, so you know exactly what is covered in fulland what is covered only partly. Also note that pre-existing and hereditary conditions are generally not insurable.

How expensive is pet insurance in the Netherlands?

Pet insurance does not have to be expensive. It all depends on what type of pet needs to be insured, their age and how much you would like to have covered. In general, you can find pet insurance premiums in the Netherlands from roughly seven euros per month.

Pet insurance deductibles (eigen risico)

Please note that, like human health insurance in the Netherlands, most pet insurance is subject to a (mandatory) deductible (eigen risico). The amount of the deductible will affect your overall premium (for instance, if you choose a larger deductible, you can usually expect to have lower monthly premiums).

Why have pet insurance in the Netherlands?

Having pet insurance comes with a few benefits but also a few cons:

Benefits of pet insurance

Some of the benefits of having pet insurance include:

  • It will set your mind at ease: You won’t have to worry too much about unexpected vet bills that you may not be able to pay.
  • It will make it easier for you to go to the vet: Having insurance means you're more likely to go to the vet with concerns; this makes it much more likely that you will discover what’s wrong with your pet on time, avoiding even higher vet bills.

Cons of pet insurance

However, there are some downsides to bear in mind:

  • You will have to pay a premium every month.
  • You don’t know what the future will bring: Your pet may not get sick at all, but you will still need to pay the premium every month.

What to look out for when choosing pet health insurance in the Netherlands

Choosing the right type of insurance can be overwhelming;this also goes for pet insurance. A good idea is to check comparison websites, so you can compare the packages insurance companies are offering. Prices can vary greatly, as well as what the company actually covers.

Another tip is to read insurance policies very carefully, as not all conditions / illnesses may be covered. This especially goes for hereditary and pre-existing conditions.

Finally, once you have chosen a package and insurer, make sure to read reviews of the particular insurance company. Not all insurance companies give the same level of customer service.

The types of pet insurance available in the Netherlands

There are a few different types of pet insurance available in the Netherlands, including insurance for dogs, cats, rabbits and parrots.

Dog insurance in the Netherlands

Dog insurance is the most common type of pet insurance in the Netherlands, which is not that surprising, considering that a lot of treatments and operations for dogs can be quite costly. From yearly vaccinations to flea treatments to operations, it can cost you hundreds if not thousands of euros if you are unlucky. When your dog is insured, you are able to recoup some if not most of your vet costs.

Cat insurance in the Netherlands

Generally, vet costs for cats are slightly lower than dogs as they are usually smaller (the bigger the pet, the more costly the vet bill). Cats may have nine lives, but since many people let their cats roam freely outdoors, it might be a good idea to take out cat insurance in the Netherlands. This will give you peace of mind and protect you from large vet bills, should an accident happen.

Other pet insurance in the Netherlands

While there are plenty of insurance companies offering dog and cat insurance in the Netherlands, giving you lots of choice, the field is a bit narrower if you have a different type of pet.

If you have another type of pet (hamster, guinea pig, snake etc.), and no insurance possibilities, it may be helpful to set aside some money yourself each month, so you’ll always have the funds to cover any necessary vet bills.

Cancelling your pet insurance

In general, pet insurance policies in the Netherlands have a minimum term of one year, and a notice period of one to 30 days. Make sure to read your insurance policy carefully, so you are aware of the company’s cancellation policy.

Pet liability insurance in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, damage caused by pets is covered by private liability insurance. This is a type of private, non-mandatory insurance that most Dutch people have. If you are a pet owner, it’s a good idea to make sure you have this type of insurance.

Pet costs in the Netherlands

Owning a pet in the Netherlands can be quite costly. On top of the initial cost of purchasing the animal, you will have to keep in mind costs for the following as well:

  • Food andtreats
  • Bedding and housing
  • Toys and accessories
  • Visits to the vet, including vaccinations, neutering, and so on

Generally, having a pet in the Netherlands can cost you around 1.000 euros per year - and that’s if you are lucky when it comes to the vet bill.

Other types of insurance in the Netherlands

Besides taking out pet insurance, there are other types of private insurancethat are beneficial to get in the Netherlands, such as home insurance, for example.

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Pet insurance in the Netherlands (2024)
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