Enhanced DBS Check - Fast Online Enhanced Disclosure Checks (2024)

Enhanced DBS Checks

What is an Enhanced DBS Check?

An Enhanced DBS Check is a type of criminal record check that shows any spent or unspent convictions, cautions, warnings or reprimands the applicant has – as well as any other relevant details held by the applicant’s local police force. They are the highest level of DBS Checks available, and they provide an excellent basis of information for you as an employer to thoroughly vet applicants for roles you advertise.

What shows up on a check?

An Enhanced Disclosure may also include a check of the children’s and/or adults’ barred list if the applicant is eligible. Where necessary, police forces can also provide information about an applicant that may provide a good reason for inclusion. Essentially, the process aims to identify people who are not suitable for the vacancy or industry that they’re applying to work in. Police chiefs are responsible for what details are listed on an enhanced DBS certificate, with due consideration given to the job type and job role.

How long does the process take?

On average, Enhanced DBS Checks usually take around 14 days to be completed. However, applying for your check online can speed up the process, avoiding any delays or losses that may occur with postal applications. How long does a DBS check take? At uCheck, we usually complete Enhanced DBS checks within 48 hours – our quickest turnaround to date is just 61 minutes!

Who’s eligible for an Enhanced DBS Check?

To be eligible for an Enhanced DBS Check, the applicant’s role, profession or licence must be listed in the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (ROA) 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975. If the applicant’s position doesn’t appear in this piece of legislation then this could mean:

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Who needs an Enhanced DBS Check?

Eligibility for an Enhanced DBS Check may also be determined by the applicant’s place of work or the type of industry they work within.

If the applicant works within one of the below establishments once a week, or three times within 30 days, they’ll require an Enhanced DBS Certificate.

  • CQC registered care homes
  • Schools or nurseries
  • High-security psychiatric hospitals

Some roles may also require the applicant to undergo a barred list check. This will be the case if the applicant engages in regulated activity with vulnerable adults and/or children – for example, by providing healthcare or personal care. Full definitions of regulated activity with children and adults are available on the DBS website.

Apply for an Enhanced DBS Check

To apply for an Enhanced DBS check online is simple. We streamline the process for you, courtesy of our HR Platform that guides you through the application. Our system is designed for the benefit of you as an employer, thanks to our secure online platform. Before commencing with your application, ensure you have some or all of the following documentation at hand:

  • A valid passport or driving licence with the applicant’s date of birth stated
  • National Insurance number
  • Utility bill
  • Bank statement
  • Mortgage statement
  • Credit card statement

Our HR Platform will guide you through the application, prompting you to check that all applicant data is correct and the correct identity documents have been provided. Once you’ve applied, our uCheck countersignatories will review it to make sure the applicant meets the eligibility criteria for a DBS Enhanced Check before submitting it to the DBS.

This helps to minimise delays as it means the DBS is less likely to query applications during the vetting process. It also ensures that you’re applying for the correct type of check for the person in question. It’s illegal for an employer to obtain a higher level of check than an applicant is eligible for. Discover more about the latest changes to Enhanced DBS Checks applications.

What are the benefits of using uCheck for Enhanced DBS Checks online?

Enhanced DBS Check - Fast Online Enhanced Disclosure Checks (1)

Applying for a Check online through our HR Platform brings a host of benefits, including:

  • A dedicated, UK-based Client Support Team to guide you throughout the application process.
  • A walk-through video to help you familiarise yourself with our Platform and its services.
  • A secure Platform built in line with the latest DBS Guidance to give you peace of mind.
  • The online tracking function allows you to quickly check the status of your applications.
  • Downloadable online summary results for your Enhanced DBS Checks with a few clicks.
Enhanced DBS Check - Fast Online Enhanced Disclosure Checks (2024)
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