Don't Fear the Reaper - Chapter 8 - Micha (Shwatsonlocked) - Harry Potter (2024)

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(Duck Season, Rabbit Season…Bird Season)

Glowing, green eyes peered out from under a black hood at the wards from his hidden place in the shadows. The Fabrine, that he’d named Milky Way as a kid, returned and beckoned him to follow—it had found a weak spot in the wards surrounding what had to be the Torvak Nest the Murder had come from. Surprisingly, his Hunt had brought him to some sort of pocket realm off of Earth.

He followed his friend around to the opposite side, grinning viciously at the sight of a small crack. He tugged on his bonds to Hadrian and Wikhn, beckoning them to join him. Feeling an affirming tug back, he settled in to wait. After all, his Jokers would never forgive him for not letting them help.

Feeling them close, Harry stood and approached the crack. He figured he had a few minutes before they noticed. He materialised his scythe with a thought, its blade gleaming in the strange lantern-lit orange sky as he hefted it up and swung down.

Hadrian and Wikhn stepped out of the shadows behind him as the wards shattered.

“Couldn’t wait one more minute, could you?” Hadrian snarked, shifting to his own Reaper form, red scythe matching the hue of his eyes.

“Wouldn’t be our Harry if he wasn’t somewhat reckless,” Wikhn said, his eyes flashing a fierce red of his own as they darted around to take in the lay of things.

Harry laughed softly. “Not that reckless. I called for you both before breaking the wards. Last one to the center of the complex has to cook breakfast?”

Wik exchanged a look with Hadrian before they took off in opposite directions, leaving Harry alone in the shadows. He chuckled. Harry supposed he could give them a headstart—he knew they preferred his cooking to their own. Besides, he really wanted to take his time with this.

For Ryuusen and Maury.

Their circle.

The children.

His boots thudded softly on the burgundy-coloured grass as he made his way toward the nearest home, the last sound in the area before their work began.

(Grief is the Price We Pay for Love)

“He’s still not talking?” Harry asked Ian, the adopted son of the Ryker’s Bane Circle. The Submissive had returned with his Alpha to take care of Maurice once the man had been coaxed back into his halfling form. They were having lunch at a little cafe near the specialty clinic Maurice was being housed in.

“No. I’m not sure Mera will make it out of this. I can’t feel anything from him, it’s not like when there’s a block, he’s just…numb? It’s been almost two years now and I don’t know how to just watch him waste away like this. Dad and the others wouldn’t want him to suffer like this. I…” Ian licked his lips before whispering the next part. “I think it might have been kinder if they had killed him too.”

“You’re right. Death is oftentimes much kinder than the alternative. But Ryuusen and Llevan, Shar, Cole, their Suite? They died protecting their heart and the children because they wanted them to live. The Torvaks had no honour and now we’re left with the pieces. Maury is strong, I believe that he’ll come out the other side of this.”

“I miss them,” Ian muttered, angrily wiping the tears off his face.

“Me too.”

(Fight or Fright)

“Your little Bonded had better be careful—you never know what could happen while they’re out on a Hunt,” the shrouded figure said before disappearing in a wisp of shadow.

Harry snarled at the other Reaper’s threat. He didn’t like what he was implying, especially with Hadrian actually on a Hunt at the moment.

Diablo. What a despicable Reaper. Harry didn’t understand why his Lady put up with the wretch. When Harry was a child, Diablo was known for constantly taunting Hadrian and there was speculation that it was only a matter of time before he attempted something more serious.

“What was that about, my green-eyed monster?” Wikhn asked, coral-pink eyes peering into the space Diablo had disappeared from. He was fingering the hilt of his blade, ready for his Alpha to set him loose against the possible threat—he need only say the words.

Harry tugged Wik close and claimed his lips in a possessive kiss. He had such a lovely Joker. Both of them really.

He pulled away just enough to whisper lowly, “I’ll tell you at home—too many ears here.”

Once they were safely behind their wards, Harry explained the history of the conflict. How it hadn’t come up in the past twenty years together was a bit of an oversight on his and Hadrian’s part but to be fair, Diablo had been away ever since the Reaping where Harry came into his inheritance. Perhaps it had been wishful thinking to forget about the centuries old Reaper.

Wikhn’s eyes fluxed black as he paced restlessly, also angry about the threat to the other Joker. They had been dancing around each other for years now and would probably end up bonding before too much longer. In another life, if neither had rank-shifted, Harry thought they would have been a good ACE-King pair.

“He’ll be okay, he is the Blood Raven. Now do you want to come to bed so we can work off some of that tension, or do you want to spar first?” Harry asked, willing to give the Gheyo whatever he needed. Harry wasn’t Gheyic or Ferros, but having been a Reaper his whole life, he did tip more toward the feral side than other Alphas. And he did enjoy a good spar with his Bonded—and what came after.

“Spar,” Wik rasped out, a few Fae curses falling from his mouth as he stalked toward their training room.

(Favour Forwarding)

“Are you going to settle down any time soon, brat?”

“Hello to you too, Oretta. Nice weather we’re having,” Harry replied, smiling benignly at his teacher, Lady Mariana Cunningham. Her dark eyes were narrowed at him and her mouth was drawn into a frown. It would look adorable if Harry didn’t know how dangerous that look was.

“You’re 41 years old, are you going to wait until your first century rolls around to start courting a Submissive?” she finally snapped at him, stalking into his office.

“I’m quite happy with Hadrian and Wikhn,” he answered, hoping that would be enough. He’d been able to avoid this conversation every Hunt but apparently that luck had run out. His intended Submissive was still too young and uninherited. They would have probably been around the same age if he’d remained on Earth. The time difference between their two realms was making this an exercise in patience for him.

“I know you are, I want to know if you’re ever planning to have a Circle of your own.”

“Why? Are you eager to become a grandmother?”

“Stop deflecting and answer my question.”

Harry sighed. His gift was such a burden at times. “You can stop your worrying, I’ll settle down before I turn 100.” He hoped. If his Submissive didn’t come to Nevarah after their inheritance, he would have to take a trip back to his birthplace and find them.

“Good. Now stop having these favours redirected to my house. If you aren’t interested, just burn them. I swear I taught you better,” she said, waving a hand just for a pile of favours to dump on his head.

He may have forgotten he’d had that set up when his house was being renovated during the last Hunt. Apparently he’d caught the eyes of more than a few during his walk at the introductions this year. “Sorry, Oretta. I’ll go to the office to get that corrected.”

“Yes you will. Now. Or I’ll make you run the Gauntlet.”

Harry was at the Registration Office in under a minute after that threat.

(It’s a Trap!)

Wikhn stepped forward, not seeing the trap on the stone. A black blur shoved him out of the way as a ghost-chain pierced through Hadrian’s shoulder. The Joker attempted to remove the chain, but hissed as his hands were encased in blue fire and passed right through the chain.

“sh*t, Hadrian! You shouldn’t have done that, I could have—”

“No,” he grit out, hissing as the chain started moving. “This would have killed you. I’m only alive because Reapers are very difficult to kill. Go find Harry, I’ll need his help.”

He growled in frustration. This damnable place was blocking their bonds somehow and they had been separated a few minutes earlier. “I have Death Seals idiot. Don’t you dare die while I’m gone, you masked menace,” Wikhn threatened, his eyes roving over Hadrian’s form before running back where they’d last seen the Alpha. He left a few of his shadows behind so they would be able to get back to the other Joker. Even if it had killed him, they would have only needed to activate one of his seals. Stupid Reapers and their stupid “I don’t need Death Seals” methods.

“HARRY!” he shouted, no longer caring for stealth. He stopped short as a Fabrine crossed the hall in front of him. A strangely familiar Fabrine. What did Harry call that thing? Milk something…Milky—

“Hey! Milky Way!” he called out, causing gleaming eyes to turn to him, recognition in that strange red gaze. “You’re my Alpha’s…friend, right?”

The Fabrine nodded. “Can you take me to him? Our Hadrian is stuck in a trap.”

‘Our Hadrian?’ a little voice in the back of his mind repeated. Wikhn ignored it. He would deal with that as soon as the Reaper was safe. The Fabrine did a little aerial twist before shooting off down the corridor, Wikhn sprinting after it. Thankfully, after a couple of minutes, he saw a familiar mess of black hair.

“Wik! Thank the Lady. I couldn’t feel either of you anymore,” Harry greeted, a relieved expression on his face as he turned to face them. Those green eyes Wikhn loved looked behind him, searching for his other Bonded. “Where’s Hadrian?”

“There was a trap. Hurry, he said he needs you.”

“Take me to him.”

The journey back seemed to take twice as long but Wikhn’s shadow trail led them back easily. Wikhn stopped short at the sight of the older Joker slumped forward on the ghost-chain. It had moved down and was getting very close to Hadrian’s heart.

Harry moved around to the front to look at the trap. He drew back and growled, his eyes fluxing black and his fingers shifted into sharp claws. “This is Diablo’s work. It needs two Reapers to undo. Hadrian! Wake up!”

The Blood Raven groaned but opened his eyes at the Alpha’s command. “I’ll kill him when I’m free of this,” he rasped out, blood trickling out of his mouth. The chain must have gone through one of his lungs.

“You’ll have to beat me to it,” Harry muttered. “Can you still shift?”

“Yes. We’ll need to hit it at the same time,” the injured Joker said, shifting into his Reaper form. His blood red scythe glinted in the low-lit hall. Harry materialised his own scythe, the black blade nearly invisible. Together, they took aim and sliced through the chain. Hadrian was free.

Wikhn dove forward and started covering the wound with silver dust—his own faerie dust. The wound began to knit together rapidly.

The masked Gheyo nodded his head at him gratefully. “Thank you, Wikhn.”

Wikhn scoffed and looked away with a slight blush. “Next time, let the Joker with the Death Seals take the blow.”

“Wait, did Hadrian save you?” Harry asked, confused. Right. In the rush to bring him back, Wikhn hadn’t really bothered to explain what had happened. Regardless, he maintained that he would have been fine.

“I think we just saved him,” he snarked.

“Wik, that would have drained all of your seals,” the Alpha said softly.

Wikhn looked at Harry in shock. “All of them? At once? What kind of trap was that?”

The Alpha was calm as he explained, which was a terrifying thing because a calm Harry was a Harry who was calculating the best way to destroy his opponent. “One of the ways to kill a Reaper. I’ll drag his soul out of whatever body he’s inhabiting and torture it a while before feeding it to Melacor. Or Granddera. Maybe I’ll let them play with it a little first. He almost cost me one of you today and I will not let that go easily.”

Harry held out a wrist for Hadrian to bite. Blood would go a long way to his recovery until they could get back to a healer. Wikhn watched hungrily as Harry dragged Hadrian into a claiming kiss. He finally knew what he wanted as he stared at the enticing sight. After they parted, he grabbed Hadrian’s chin and dragged him in for a kiss as well.

He drew back and made a soft-cry in his throat.

Hadrian looked at him in surprise. “You’re sure?”

Wikhn glared and made the cry again. He wouldn’t ask a third time.

He didn’t need to.

Don't Fear the Reaper - Chapter 8 - Micha (Shwatsonlocked) - Harry Potter (2024)
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